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Child Protection Planning

A Will Alone Does Not Ensure the Care of Your Kids If the Unthinkable Happens to You!


Did you know that 69% of parents have not yet named guardians for their kids?  If you are a parent of minor children (or those with special needs) who are counting on you, your estate plan must begin with ensuring that your children would always be taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what happens.

At Guiga Law we provide expertise in planning for the well-being and care of the children you love.

What is a Kids Protection Plan®?​

A Kids Protection Plan® is a set of detailed instructions, legal documents naming both long-term and short-term (emergency) guardians for your children, and other legal documents providing for the care of your minor children if you are unable to care for them yourself.  The full Kids Protection Plan even includes an ID card for your wallet to alert emergency responders that you have minor children at home and instructions for their immediate well-being and care.   


If you are in an accident, your Kids Protection Plan® will make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers or the care of anyone you wouldn’t want because the authorities will have clear instructions from you.  And your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a Judge who doesn’t know you. 


Contact us to learn more about incorporating a full Kids Protection Plan® into your estate plan! 

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Without proper planning the following could occur if the unthinkable happened to you: 

  • Your children could be placed into the care of the Child Protective Services even if you have a will or living trust! (This would likely be temporary, but you never want your children in the care of strangers - not even for a minute.) 

  • Your children could be put into the custody and care of someone you would never choose, for whatever reason. 

  • A judge, who doesn't know you or your family, will decide who raises your kids, even if it is the last person you would ever want. 

  • A long and nasty custody fight could ensue or there might be a challenge to the guardians you have designated. 

  • Up to 5% of the value of your gross assets could be lost to court costs and other unnecessary fees through the probate process that can tie up your assets for years and deprive your kids of the resources they need. 

  • Unscrupulous people can take advantage of children when they turn 18 and get a check for whatever assets are left. 


Image by Joe Woods

Yes, these things scare us too.
That is why we offer a full Kids Protection Plan® with every estate plan we prepare for families with young children.

At Guiga Law PLLC, we believe that every parent should have a long-term plan in place for their children in case something unthinkable happens to them—even if they don’t have a complete estate plan.  Although everyone needs a full estate plan, we know there are many reasons why people put off this task—from not understanding the important of estate planning to simply not having time.


In 10 minutes or less, this FREE website will allow you to create a long-term guardian nomination for your child if something unthinkable happens to you prior to creating a formal estate plan.  Think of it as the first step to ensuring your kids are raised by the people you want. 





Then, once you’re ready to create your formal estate plan—including the full Kids Protection Plan—you can contact us here.

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